5 Facts About CARBS & Why You Need Them Every Day ESPECIALLY POTATOES!!

  1. 1. YOUR BODY'S MAIN SOURCE OF ENERGY- Carbs are all about energy and are found in most foods. The body digests these foods to make glucose which then fuels the functions of the body or is stored as glycogen in your muscles and your liver for use when glucose levels in the blood are low.

  2. 2. BRAIN & MUSCLE FOOD - the brains exclusive source of energy is glucose and your brain has very high energy demands. Without the presence of carbs your brain function is severely affected leading to foggy headedness, lack of concentration, tiredness and muscle fatigue. The brain will also break down muscle tissue to get the energy it needs, so a regular presence of carbohydrate protects from this muscle breakdown.

3. EXCELLENT SOURCE OF FIBRE - potatoes & vegetables are a great source of fibre which helps promote good digestive health. Fibre works like a cleaner for the gut, kinda like a brush or a broom sweeping through the bowel (more on fibre next week).

4. DAILY CARB INTAKE - this may surprise you but the recommended daily intake of carbohydrate is between 45% & 65% of your total daily calories. One gram of carbohydrate equals four calories.

5. LOW CARB DIETS - generally low carb diets work because in the absence of carbohydrate water is rapidly lost as carb stores are used from the muscles. Further to that, removing an entire food group will  more often force you into a CALORIE DEFICIT (the main reason why we lose weight) as your food choices are limited. A carbohydrate-deficient diet may cause headaches, fatigue, weakness, difficulty concentrating, nausea, constipation, bad breath and vitamin and mineral deficiencies.


  • Potatoes are high in fibre & gluten free

  • Potatoes are low in calories 100g of potato is around 90 calories compared to 100g of brown rice coming in at around 250 calories AMAZING!!

  • Potatoes are highly nutritious. Packed with vitamin C, potassium, vitamin B6, magnesium, antioxidants & resistant starch (an excellent form of fibre). 

  • Incredibly abundant & versatile grow, boil, bake, mash or fry them. I even made a cake from mashed potato earlier this year, I kid you not AND it was incredibly light and delicious!!


The reason why carbs have such a bad reputation?  There are many added sugars, processed foods, refined grains (like white bread) sugary drinks, sweets available today. These foods are not bad for you; they are just very low in nutritional value. Due to their lack of fibre and high palatability they are easy to over consume making it very easy to enter a calorie surplus. CARBS DO NOT MAKE YOU FAT - Eating too many calories makes you fat! You should choose carbohydrates packed with fibre and nutrients such as potatoes but never deny yourself the foods you enjoy from time to time either!!

If you want to understand more about this or have any questions please feel free to ask me and contact me anytime.

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