YOUR FAT!! I said Your not You're 😅

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

5 FAT FACTS...lets talk about why you need it in your diet & on your body...

1. ENERGY STORAGE - a very important role of fat is to store energy. Some dietary fat gets used for energy right away but if energy expenditure is low (sedentary lifestyle or we're eating more calories than we are burning) this extra energy is stored inside our fat cells (adipocytes) until such time we need it.

2. HELPS ABSORB VITAMINS - certain vitamins A,D,E,K are fat soluble, meaning they are absorbed within the body's fat tissue. When we cut out too much fat from our diet we can become vitamin deficient. These vitamins are essential for the growth, repair, regulation, metabolism of things such as bones, blood, muscle, teeth & hair.

3. INSULATION & PROTECTION - like an extra layer of clothing fat keeps us warm and helps regulate our core body temperature. Fat acts as a barrier to physical trauma, think about bumps and falls you've had, fat helps cushion the blows. In addition certain fats mono & poly unsaturated help lower cholesterol & fight against heart disease.

4. DAILY FAT INTAKE - the recommended daily intake of fat is between 20% & 35% of your total daily calories.

5. FAT IS VERY CALORIE DENCE - coming it at 9 calories per gram. Over twice as much as carbs & protein each of which contain 4 calories per gram.

BONUS POINT - WHEN WE BURN FAT WHERE DOES IT ACTUALLY GO?  When it's used / burned by the bodies complex processes, fat is basically converted into carbon dioxide & water, we exhale the carbon dioxide & excrete the water through urine & sweat...VERY INTERESTING!!Â đŸ€”Â 


FAT DOES NOT MAKE YOU FAT - Eating too many calories makes you fat!!

It's definitely better to be fit than fat. However there are negative effects of having too little fat and negative effects of having too much. Take everything in moderation but Do Not demonise fat in your diet or on your body...It's very good for you and a little pudge has its place!!

If you want to understand more about this or have any questions please feel free to ask me and contact me anytime.

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