Low-intensity steady-state, or LISS, has be around forever. It's a method of cardiovascular exercise in which you do aerobic activity at a low-to-moderate intensity for a continuous or extended period of time.

Whereas HIIT takes our heart rate upwards of 70% of its maximum level. LISS averages a working heart rate of around 40% - 50% of its maximum with a whole lot of benefits.

  • IMPROVED - blood flow & brain function, reduced stress, lowers risk of heart disease.

  • APPROPRIATE FOR ALL LEVELS - Since LISS is easier to do and gentler on the body, it’s appropriate for everyone.

  • EASIER & QUICKER RECOVERY - You’re putting less stress on your heart and body, so you may find you recover more quickly from LISS. It’s also great for recovery after a difficult workout. You can use LISS as a recovery session the day after a high-intensity or heavy strength workout.

  • MANY WAYS TO DO IT - running, cycling, brisk walking, swimming, dancing are just a few examples of how you can implement some LISS into your routine.

  • IT'S HEALTHY & SOCIAL - great for getting out with friends and family. LISS won't have you gasping for breath and unable to talk. Which is perfect for active catch ups & meeting new people. 


Do what works for you.

Strength training is a NON NEGOTIABLE. We must perform resistance activity at least 2 - 3 times per week. HOWEVER, outside of that is totally up to you. If you enjoy the sweat and energy that comes from HIIT then go for your life and enjoy it. BUT if that's not your thing, then a 60 min walk, swim or tango lesson a couple of times a week is going to give you all the same benefits and you're going to be very happy that you did it.

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